10 tips to get your kids outside (because it’s not always easy)

Posted on January 18th, 2018 by admin in Hiking Trip Resources

Learn how to get your kids to go outside with these easy strategies

We hear it all the time “kids need less screen time, more outside time”.  Intentions aside, in today’s world of social fears, urban living, and over-scheduled lives, it’s hard to get our kids outside.  It’s hard to get ourselves outside!  We don’t need more lectures on why kids need outdoor time.  Instead we need practical solutions on getting them out.

I know I want my kids to go outside more.  I want them to play and roam and explore.  And I tell them so.  But, they don’t always agree… especially as they become older and get more involved in living their own lives.

At first, it’s easy.  You just bundle the kid up and carry him outside.  Eventually they get too heavy and too independent.  Now, your hikes are at their pace.  As the kids approach school-age you might struggle to keep them motivated while hiking or entertained outdoors.  By kindergarten you’ve probably already employed an arsenal of strategies: over-exaggerated excitement, treats, coercion, bribes, and mandatory family time.

How do you raise a free-roaming nature-child without a child who wants to be a free-roaming nature lover?

Below you’ll find my top 10 suggestions on how to get your kids outside when they’d rather stay in.  These suggestions are suited for kids under age 12.  Keep in mind that all kids are different so some of these tips will work with certain kids, while others won’t.  Keep trying.  Getting your kids into the outdoors is important; you don’t want to give up on this.

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