Guided hiking tours at Yellowstone National Park

Posted on September 12th, 2016 by admin in Hiking Trip Locations

Yellowstone National Park is a vast panorama of exquisite beauty. From breathtaking waterfalls to hot steaming geysers that erupt into the sky. Watch elk drink from a crystal clear stream, or see a buffalo nurture its young. These sites can hardly be seen by driving, therefore to really see Yellowstone, take a guided hiking tour.

Yellowstone National Park encompasses 2.2 million acres. Yet, most visitors do not even see a fraction of that acreage because most of it is back country. Yellowstone has over 1000 miles of hiking trails. Get away from the crowds and get on one of those trails with a guided hiking trip. A guided hiking tour will show the back country of Yellowstone. This is where the true beauty lies. Get to know the “real” Yellowstone. Perhaps spot a Moose with it’s calf, or a bear with it’s cub. Drink out of a stream so clear, you can see the bottom.

A guided hiking trip in the Yellowstone back county can be a day hike or an overnight backpacking trip. The terrain can range from easy to difficult. The hikes range in price, from $10 for a few hours to over $500 for a backpacking trip. Which ever trip is chosen, make sure sturdy hiking boots are taken. Hiking in sandals will result in sore feet, blisters and maybe bites. Coming across a rattler and wearing sandals do not equate.

Which ever hiking trip is taken, be sure to bring a camera and perhaps a small pair of binoculars. When the trip is over, friends will want to partake in the memories of the beauty of the back county of Yellowstone National Park.

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