Think Before you Hike

Posted on September 11th, 2016 by admin in Hiking Trip Ideas & Tips

Hiking is a fun activity that many people enjoy, but as with any activity involving nature, one must take some precautions enjoying what nature has to offer. Before hiking, one should make sure to have a partner, pack appropriately, be in good to excellent physical condition, make sure someone is aware of where you are going and how long you will be gone, and research the area you will be visiting.

There are several reasons why it is important for a hiker to have a partner. If there is danger and the hiker has no way of communicating, the partner could hike back for help or try to flag down another hiker. It is always best to hike in pairs. It is a good idea to bring someone along who knows the area you will be hiking.

Once you have a partner, what you’ll need to pack should be considered. Some things that might determine how you pack are: weather, water, type of ground you’ll be hiking on, whether or not you’ll be climbing at all, whether or not there will be electricity, wildlife that may be present, and food and water. The list of what you might need to bring could vary based on your hiking itinerary.

Before you go on a hiking adventure, make sure that your body is up to the challenge. You would not run a marathon without practice, so make sure your body can handle what it is about to do. If you have a health condition, make sure that hiking is an activity approved by your doctor, make sure you pack any medications you may need on the trip, and make sure your partner is aware of any allergies or other health problems.

Make sure someone knows where you’ll be and for how long. It is important that in the event of an emergency or other problem that someone knows your whereabouts and when you should be returning.

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  1. Katy Wielgosz

    Jenny Lake to Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls then back to the 4.five mile hike into Cascade Canyon is one of the most effective day hikes with the Tetons.

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