Three Hiking Trails in Colorado

Posted on September 16th, 2016 by admin in Hiking Trip Locations

Colorado is known for its rugged mountains, cool alpine streams and lakes, and prairies. Hiking in Colorado is an enjoyable experience for the novice as well as the seasoned hiker. Irregardless of what level of expertise the hiker is, adventure awaits and so does the beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Some of the best hiking trails are within easy driving distance from Colorado’s capitol city of Denver. It is wise to have the necessary hiking gear before taking off- good shoes, plenty of water and enough food, the right type of clothing, let someone know where you will be going and when you will be back, and sunscreen (you will be hiking in high terrain and the sun’s rays can be very damaging.

Three of the best hiking trails are within a short drive from Denver. One of the more famous trails Glacier Gorge Estes Park, Colorado, is in world famous Rocky Mountain National Park about an hours drive from Denver. The trail runs 9.6 miles and is worth every mile because the scenery is spectacular. The hiker will see majestic peaks, crystal clear alpine lakes, wildlife, and spectacular waterfalls. Difficulty is moderate and not recommended for person’s with breathing or other health problems.

Longs Peak 70 miles from Denver and ten miles from Estes Park is a very strenuous hike of 14 miles to an altitude of over 14, 000 feet. The view from the top is magnificent. The hiker can see virtually the entire state of Colorado, and a good portion of western Kansas. This is an alpine hike and therefore the hiker should dress appropriately for changing weather conditions.

Maroon Bells in Snowmass Colorado is another spectacular beautiful hike over nine passes above 12,000 feet over alpine tundra, majectic lakes and towering snowcapped peaks. Again this is a long hike of 100 miles and not for the novice. Dress appropriately for the changing altitude and weather conditions. Also if you plan on making the entire length of trail make sure you have the proper camping equipment.

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